Hair thinning, and hair loss is possibly the most difficult part of life men go through, it becomes a daily self-conscious, confidence breaking problem, there are many reasons why hair loss and thinning happens, mainly lifestyle choices, stress and stressing about thinning!

Sometimes it feels like there is nowhere to turn and no support, are you one of the 811,363 people suffering from hair loss who are actively seeking treatment?

Here are some of the key areas of your life that get affected:

  • CONFIDENCE- is so important to relationships, business and self-esteem. The best cars and best watches are great but it’s about feeling that from the inside, having piece of mind that your hair will not thin anymore or that it will only improve is the first step to getting your self-confidence back.
  • ENVY- let’s be honest in this day of social media, the daily struggle to be perfect is real, I don’t know about you but when I see a guy of any age and see a thick full head of hair I’m wondering does my Girlfriend or girls look for that?
  • Social problems- it’s always difficult for some of us to be around a hair conversation because no matter the extent you will be confronted by your mates, looked up at that you feel even balder, how often would you say this is a real problem and one you would want to stop at any cost?
  • Limitations – having thin hair or loosing hair, does create certain limitations or do you feel they do? Obviously, haircuts are quite limited, the cars you drive, the clothes you wear, do you need a baseball cap on a windy day? When styling your hair, do you push the hair forward and have light gentle touches to the hair?

What are the issues that you find and wish you could stop today?

If you are feeling down and out like there is simply no light at the end of the tunnel, remember we are here to help you… Join the club, keep your fur MAN!