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    Anti Hair Loss Kit (3)

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    Fur Kit is a premium 3 step anti-hair loss product, Created for men who are looking to keep their hair and prevent further hair thinning and loss by up to 121%.

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    Thin to THICK 3 month supply



    Fur Kit is a three-step product that stops the effects of DHT. DHT is an androgen which is a by-product of testosterone. Fur Kit uses the natural, but potent, active ingredient Procapil which has been proven to prevent hair thinning and loss by 121%. Fur Kit is a product that maintains and stimulates your current fur. It is designed for men who suffer from all stages of hair thinning who want to keep their hair. In the kit, you will receive the Fur Thick Shampoo, the Fur Real Serum and the Fur Life Multi-Vitamin which were all formulated to thicken your fur and prevent hair thinning and preserving the male ego. The shampoo and serum include the revolutionary active ingredient Procapil® which is clinically proven to boost new hair growth by 121% along with reducing hair loss by 58% without the harsh side effects or smell.  Your hair will instantly feel thicker and begin to recover with the daily use as directed. FUR THICK SHAMPOO A shampoo formulated to simulate and thicken the fur providing daily maintenance hydration and that fur thick feeling. The shampoo is enriched with amino acids, vitamins, and the revolutionary active ingredient Procapil. FUR REAL SERUM Designed to work in conjunction with the Fur Thick Shampoo to be used daily after Fur Thick treatment. This product will keep your fur real thick and healthy… Created with potent active ingredient Procapil® to make your fur look and feel fuller every day. FUR LIFE A daily multivitamin formulated for all-round well-being and to work with the Fur Thick Shampoo and Fur Real Serum to optimize results.
  • Contains 90 capsules 3 capsules per day at once or 1 capsule 3 x per day Can be taken with or without meals A 3-month program is suggested