The Fur Kit Story And Why Hair Loss Should Be Treated Like A Disease

My Hair loss story- CEO Fur Kit

My Name is Ryan I am the founder of Fur Kit. I am 34 years old and from the age of 26 I have suffered from hair loss and hair thinning and IT SUCKS. What makes it SUCK is that it is a daily WORRY. I used to find myself not looking in the mirror counting the days left! When putting on gel I would shy away from the mirror, I would always think people were noticing, staring at the hairline when you’re in a meeting, it may have been a month behind me… but hell when you are losing the hair you stop trusting your appearance. I found it uncomfortable the way people looked at me. I have always been an entrepreneur and loved the great stuff in life. I started second guessing the cars I bought, the way I dressed, started a cap collection and I hated windy days or walking out of the ocean. LIFE SHOULD NOT BE THAT WAY!

I got to a point where I was ok with the stage I was at IF IT WOULD just STOP I could live with it, hence the slogan “keep your fur man” the truth is NO it won’t stop and NO you won’t stop worrying. It’s a BITCH.

Like most of you, I have tried laser, I’ve tried the clinics, the chemical formulas and found they did work to an extent or was it mostly Placebo? The fact that I was taking steps made me full of hope! And Then I’d be the center of a bald joke and realized, NOPE it’s not working!

I eventually for my own sanity and confidence started studying and looking at the ingredients in the world’s BIGGEST and BEST Products and chemicals. Tee tree oil? REALLY GUYS? Serenoa UMMM NO! 2% Minoxidyl, Caffeine?? Huh? Now, these are the main ingredients in this miracle, cosmetic products. Guys, it’s a load of bullshit! Not to mention very toxic in the defense of the pharmaceutical grade products there is small evidence that it MAY stop hair loss… To me, that was totally useless.

Hair loss is a disease and should be treated as one. 

Guys, if we were treating diabetes or the C-word, you would not be given a simple tablet and told to move on. NO, it’s a LIFESTYLE Change, and the treatment is specific to the problem not so?

Hair loss and hair thinning is not a deadly life-threatening disease! It’s an internal/emotional disease that kills your confidence, your way of life and creates a depression that is as important to any other debilitating illness, well to me anyway. I want to be CONFIDENT, HAPPY and always LOOK amazing.

We Developed a 3 step Lifestyle treatment, that includes none of the placebo bullshit. Hair loss is caused because this or because that… we looked at making a product that actually treats hair loss from the deficiency in the body and the way the hair reacts and needs to be treated. It’s that simple!

Why Fur Kit Works 

Let me try my best to not to get all medical, but the active ingredients listed treat the main causes of hair loss/ thinning:

  1. Procapil (serum and shampoo)- facilitates the communication of hair cells and holds these cells together in order to prevent the effects of DHT (Dihydrotesterone). DHT is formed when the metabolism of androgen interacts with an enzyme 5-alphareductase found in the prostate glands – well basically in English it undermines the absorption of essential nutrients essential for hair growth/ hair repair! it also increases blood flow to the sculp, nourishing and thickening the hair (feeding the starving hair)
  2. Bioton (Capsules) is a proven natural hair growth and thickening agent. If your body is lacking vitamin B7 or suffering from a slight Biotin Deficiency this will not only affect you but if you look closely at your nails and 140 other known problems within the body – SO LETS TICK THAT OFF!
  3. Panax Ginseng (capsules) This naturally reduces stress, enhances brain function, fights fatigue, boosts the immune system, and improves symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Now, believe it or not, not feeding your body what it needs daily, makes those problems go hand in hand with hair loss!

Besides the above mentioned, Fur Kit is infused with amino acids that help blood flow, lower cholesterol and strengthen bones but more importantly Stop Thinning and Hair Loss! Keep your fur man!

What Are the Stages of Treatment?

Stage 1-Your hair loss will stop within 2 weeks of using Fur Kit and your hair growth will
increase by 121% between 0-14 days

Stage 2-Your damaged follicles will rejuvenate and strengthen

Stage 3-You stop the stressing and look for hair growth and you will be more confident!

I hope this information has helped and my story is something that you can relate to. I understand the importance of confidence and please if you need any more information don’t hesitate to contact us. Please also share. Keep your fur man!

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